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2014: Started SETI

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2014: Helped start a new toast master club as the VP of Education 

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2014: Appointed Justice of the Peace 

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2013: Another year focused on writing for Nepealse news paper 

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2013: Featured on the Australian Catholic University Student Bulletin 

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2013: Hosted CPA Australia's first co-joint event with Australian Catholic University

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2013: First attempt at starting my own business 

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2013: Featured in Ronald Macdonal Book 

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2013: Received my certification to be Level 1 Muay Thai instructor

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2013: Started Sydney Motivational Club with friends 

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2013: Finally learnt how to study effectively and get top marks at university 

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2012: Asked to lead the CPA Student Ambassadors 

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2012: First article published on Nepalese Newspaper

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2012: Featured in the Naked CEO show with CEO of CPA Australia 

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2012: Met CEO of CPA Australia Alex Malley 

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2011: The year of hoping, dreaming, and building my foundation 

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2010: Graduated from High School